Hi, I'm Dani - a designer kickin' it in Brooklyn by way of San Francisco and Baltimore. You can catch me directing design with the Brand team at Oscar Health, as well as taking on select side projects from my desk at home. I've been a part of great teams, like Stink Studios NY, the Intercom Brand Studio, and Vox Media. I graduated from the graphic design dept. at RISD, I recently opened a *shop*, and I highly respect good people and bad puns.

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Dani Balenson

One of the things that makes Intercom prolific is that pros across the company write about their expertise and the brand team brings their words to life. I designed the book for Intercom's insights on marketing with an energetic and gestural feel, since start-up marketing begins as unrefined and organic. You can dive further into it (i.e, buy the book) (marketing!) here.

14 individual collages and 45 cut paper charts/graphs were created for the book.