Hi, I’m Dani β€” an independent Creative / Art / Design director kickin’ it in Brooklyn. I work with in-house brand teams and clients on design strategy, brand systems, brand marketing, campaigns, and copy.

I've been a part of great teams like the Oscar Health brand team, Stink Studios NY, the Intercom Brand Studio, and Vox Media. Freelance clients include Webflow, Our Place, Impossible Foods, and more.

I have a BFA in graphic design from RISD, I recently wrote a kids' book, and I highly respect good people and bad puns.

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Dani Balenson

Oscar launched a new insurance product for small businesses in select markets, in partnership with Cigna. To get the word out and explain the benefits of Cigna + Oscar to Business Administrators (the people who make decisions like what healthcare plan to offer employees), the Oscar Brand team worked with Buck to create a series of delightfully animated spots.

Role: In-house Design Director
Agency partner: Buck.
Oscar team: Craig Damrauer, Topher Lorette, Libby Denault, David Mikula, Kate Apostolou.

Watch the full spots here and here.

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