Hi, Iā€™m Dani ā€” an independent Creative / Art / Design director kickinā€™ it in Brooklyn. I work with in-house brand teams and clients on design strategy, brand systems, brand marketing, campaigns, and copy.

I've been a part of great teams like the Oscar Health brand team, Stink Studios NY, the Intercom Brand Studio, and Vox Media. Freelance clients include Webflow, Our Place, Impossible Foods, and more.

I have a BFA in graphic design from RISD, I recently wrote a kids' book, and I highly respect good people and bad puns.

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This site is made from scratch with help from SuperHi and typeset in GT Eesti. All work Ā© Dani Balenson 2022 - forever.

Dani Balenson

As Oscar's national network expanded, its brand strategy and visual identity needed to grow as well. The brand team worked alongside pals at Franklyn to build a brand that resonates with members of all ages, locations, + languages, and is vibrantly human within the humdrum health insurance industry. This includes an illustration style showing real people with real emotion, a color palette that extends from marketing to product, typefaces that can deliver hard news along with good news, and a lifestyle photoshoot that highlights care.

Role: In-house Design Director
Agency partner: Franklyn. Illustrations: Tess Havas. Brand photography: Kyle Johnson.
Oscar team: Cat Lee, Kate Apostolou, Topher Lorette, Libby Denault, David Mikula, Craig Damrauer, Carmela Ciuraru, Jonathan Wilson.
Franklyn team: Ashley Van Belle, Michael Freimuth, Tess Havas.

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