Hi, I'm Dani - a designer kickin' it in Brooklyn by way of San Francisco and Baltimore. Currently, I'm a Design Director at Stink Studios and taking on select side projects. Previously, I've worked at the Intercom Brand Studio, Vox Media, and Established. I graduated from the graphic design dept. at RISD, I recently opened a *shop*, and I highly respect good people and bad puns.

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Interview with Interface Lovers — Essay for Desk Lunch — Conversation with 99u — Weekend with AIGA Eye on Design

This site is made from scratch with help from SuperHi and typeset in GT Eesti. All work © Dani Balenson 2019 - forever.

Dani Balenson

My hands are almost always moving and these are a few of the things I do with them in my spare time.

Photography/art direction of an image series for the launch of NAOMI NOMI's process scarves. In collaboration with photographer/art director Tori Hinn.

Moments from San Francisco that stand out, collected and compiled into a zine. An ongoing exercise in being present. Available in my shop.

Rubber and rope baskets - each made to order; available in my shop. Photography in collaboration with Kelly Carpenter and Carly Wright.

Select illustrations for Intercom's blog: launching a new blog, a podcast with Steli Efti, a podcast with Shishir Mehrotra, and comparing product management to improv comedy.

Posters to sell my belongings during my move from New York to San Francisco, based on grocery store and bodega signage. I made $50!

Living With: was founded in 2013 and ended in 2016. $2 of every shirt was donated to Active Minds, a partner as the company grew. Read more about it on Slate, PSFK, Design Milk, and Paste Magazine, or delve deeper into the idea process here.

City Shapes – Details that I collected across the 5 boroughs of NYC

Lettering for a Cotton Bureau shirt.

Lettering through general existential condundrums.