Hi, I'm Dani - a designer kickin' it in San Francisco by way of Brooklyn and Baltimore. Currently, I'm graphically designing with the Intercom Brand Studio and finding my voice every day. Previously, I was on the Design Team at Vox Media, where we managed the identities and expressions of 8 brands. I graduated from the graphic design dept. at RISD, I stop in the street to take pictures of shapes, and I highly respect good people and bad puns.


This site is made from scratch with help from SuperHi and typeset in GT Eesti. All work and photography © Dani Balenson 2017 - forever.

Dani Balenson

Seder has become a tradition among my friends from coast to coast. 2018's haggadah was designed to be written in and doodled on, since with this particular group of people it was bound to be a long time talking before getting to the meal. While one of the most fun aspects of this project has consistently been writing the copy and cracking jokes, the best part is really seeing how the text helped facilitate a roller coaster of a conversation throughout the night.

Last year's edition is here.

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